Best of Las Vegas : Trippies 2013

Best Twitterer // The Editors Choice

@detroit1051 : The Editors Choice For Best Twitterer In Las Vegas


He's not a social media pro. He doesn't live in Las Vegas. In fact, he hasn't been to Las Vegas in seven years. He's probably the most important aggregator of casino business information anywhere in the Twittersphere and he's a retired Floridian curating an education in the gaming business via Twitter. Curious about Horseshoe Cleveland? The innerworkings of Pinnacle? Every executive that made any waves in the history of the casino business? The cat fight that is gaming in Detroit? Got a question about anything in Vegas from 1970 to today? Curious to know what the pool temperature is in Ft. Lauderdale every morning? Or perhaps you just want to look at a really cute cat? The VegasTripping editors suggest @detroit1051.