Best of Las Vegas : Trippies 2013

Worst Dining // The Editors Choice

Wynn Las Vegas : The Editors Choice For Worst Dining In Las Vegas

Wynn Las Vegas

Switch sucked. The idea of having a restaurant whose decor changed in a flourish of Disney-inspired mechanisms was better in conception than execution. The restaurant never really found its footing, as evidenced by a revolving door of head chefs and a menu that just never really made sense. Seeing four Roger Thomas design vignettes during a meal couldn't save it. Replacing it with a generic Asian themed nightclub snack bar might make sense to those running the club empire, but Encore's limited dining palette is already its Achilles heel.

Okada turns into the gaudy Mizumi, food goes from stellar to traditional. Botero goes from arty steakhouse to vibe dining, serving community vodka Slushees, sliders and tater tots. Wynn's Michelin star winning restaurant, Alex, is still closed and vacant. Daniel Boulud spotted trolling around Venetian.

From trend setter to trend chaser... Wynn has fallen from grace.