Best of Las Vegas : Trippies 2014

The Editors Choice

Worst Chef

Chef Gary Loveman

This year Caesars Entertainment CEO Gary Loveman engaged in a massive rearrangement of Caesars' crushing debt load, here's some highlights.

Sold percentage of casino in Uruguay.

Sold golf course in Macau after unsuccessfully trying to use it to gain a gaming concession.

Made public offering of small percentage of company stock, just years after spending $10B - the source of their crushing debt - to take it private.

Refinanced $3.65 billion dollars of debt that paid for Octavius and Linq expansions, to save money on interest.
Formed a shell corporation (Caesars Growth Partners) and sold Planet Hollywood, Horseshoe Baltimore and half of their management fees TO ITSELF... realizing $360M profit.

Congratulations Chef Gary Loveman, you've done an incredible job cooking Caesars books!

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