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Derek J. Stevens

Few people inside the gaming biz understand 'the people' quite like Derek Stevens, owner of The D, Golden Gate and now Las Vegas Club.

Of course he gets it. He is a people, with a long, long history as a card playing tourist.

Simply put, folks come to Vegas to have fun. When there are obstacles between the people and the fun, the obstacles need to be removed.

"Long on fun. Short on ordinary." isn't just The D's business slogan, it is Derek Stevens' investment strategy.

the Vegas Person of The Year:

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Jim Murren

Few people in Las Vegas will have as much impact on future Las Vegas visitors as MGM Resorts Interational CEO Jim Murren.

The good: has implemented a neat vision of an interconnected neighborhood of MGM properties between New York New York and Bellagio.

The bad: a proponent of hidden and not-so-hidden fees that have chipped away at the square house compact that is the cornerstone of the casino/customer relationship.

The ugly: Jimbo personally stands to make up to a $10m bonus by instituting fees, slimming offerings, cutting costs and jeopardizing Vegas as an open, easy, honest and fun travel destination.

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